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Laser Gum Treatment Specialist

Neal H. Acharya, DDS -  - General Dentistry

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Neal H. Acharya, DDS

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If you like the idea of idea high-quality dental care in less time and with minimal discomfort, you’re in luck—ongoing advances in laser dentistry have made traditional dental treatments and procedures a lot faster, more precise, and comfortable. Neal Acharya, DDS, and the top-notch team at Arbor Dental Group offer a complete range of laser dentistry services, including laser gum treatment, at their innovative office in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Call or book online today.

Laser Gum Treatment

What is laser dentistry? 

Laser dentistry uses minimally invasive, high-precision light energy to effectively address a wide range of dental problems quickly and with minimal discomfort. 

Like other kinds of medical lasers, dental lasers use specific wavelengths of energy to restore, manage, or improve hard (teeth) and soft (gums) oral tissues. 

Dental lasers can:

  • Treat root canal inflammation and infection
  • Expose partially erupted wisdom teeth for extraction
  • Remove inflamed gum tissue and treat gum disease
  • Remove muscle that restricts jaw movement
  • Reshape soft tissues to improve a “gummy” smile
  • Ease temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain in your jaw
  • Speed up in-office tooth whitening and cavity repair 

Laser dentistry can often be used in lieu of traditional dental drills and scalpels to painlessly repair your enamel, dentin, and gum tissues. It can even be used to accelerate the healing of persistent canker sores inside your mouth.   

How do lasers help treat gum disease? 

As one of the most common oral health problems among adults, periodontal (gum) disease progressively degrades healthy gum tissues and destroys supporting tooth structures. 

Gum disease usually begins as a mild case of gingivitis, or the buildup of bacteria-filled plaque that irritates and inflames your gums along the base of your teeth. Left untreated, gingivitis can progress into advanced gum disease and cause:

  • Receding, bleeding, or highly sensitive gums
  • Deep pockets between your teeth and gums
  • Chronic bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
  • Loose teeth that make it harder to chew

Laser gum treatments help reduce gum tissue inflammation by painlessly removing bacteria from underlying root surfaces. Because laser therapy also promotes the regeneration of healthy tissues, it’s an ideal tool for reversing the effects of gum disease.    

What are the benefits of laser gum treatments?

The team at Arbor Dental Group uses the innovative Picasso dental laser to perform painless gum therapy treatments. This advanced laser can access an infected gum pocket with far more precision than traditional scaling and root planing techniques, making it considerably easier to remove the infection, soothe the root, and seal the area quickly.

Because laser energy promotes rapid tissue regeneration, gum tissues tend to heal much faster, following laser gum treatments than they do after conventional gum management procedures. Lasers also have a sterilizing effect that helps reduce your risk of infection during treatment. 

One of the most important benefits of using a dental laser to treat gum disease is enhanced comfort. For all patients, especially those with dental anxiety, fast treatment time with minimal discomfort is always a top priority. 

To learn more about laser gum treatment, call Arbor Dental Group or book online today.